Ike Red, Architect


            - Commitment to helping designers realize their vision
            - Preparedness to make difficult design decisions to get the job done
            - Enthusiasm to collaborate with specialists in all related fields
            - Professionals engaged in providing first class beach, golf and ski resort development
            products, custom built primary estates and secondary investment residences  
            - Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects, Interior Designers and Developers
            - Academics and students of Interior Design

- Distinctive drawing or artistic style
- Technical background in the allied disciplines
- Use of digital software to produce appealing, accurate and flexible creations

- Accuracy in modelling and view setups
- Ease of refinements and revisions to customer specifications
- Ability to make changes anywhere along the production phase
- Prompt digital downloads, delivery and storage
- Naturalistic finished products

- California Architect’s License
- Member, American Society of Architectural Illustrators
- Model Design, Perspective Sketching, Furniture Design, Digital Media for Interior Designers, Theoretical Concepts, Project Management and Senior Design Project Instructor, IADT - Sacramento
- 3D Design and AutoCAD Instructor, Art Institute of California - Sacramento
- Training in Architecture, Planning, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, Building Construction and Development, Industrial Design, Graphic Design and Architectural Illustration
- Work Experience in Asia, The Middle East, Canada and the United States

- Bachelor of Science in Architecture
- Bachelor of Industrial Design
- Technical Degree in Building Technology

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